Benefits of Charter Fishing

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Charter fishing has its own unique culture among fishing gurus around the United States. Just about every professional fisherman has a favorite boat, secret stomping ground, and specific niche of expertise. Read this article from your Lake St. Clair fishing guide for more information.

Benefits of Charter Fishing in Lake St. Clair

Charter fishing truly has an edge over some other types of fishing, even for seasoned anglers, because of the chance to take a bigger boat away from the shoreline and into waters that offer a different type of adventure. For those who haven't had the chance to hop on a charter boat, here are a few of the various ways charter expeditions have set themselves apart from other excursions:


Let’s face it, it’s not a lot of fun trying to find a boat launch near you. Much less, going to the right launch after hauling your boat out there and realizing the gate is closed. When you take your own boat out on the water, you have to make sure you have all the gear before, during, and after you finish every trip. On a charter fishing trip, these tasks are all left to the Skipper and his crew to worry about. As for you? Just get on the boat by the departure time with an appetite for fishing! What’s more, some higher-end charter boats even have their own Cook on board ready to serve you up some food when you get hungry. You can’t really beat only having to focus on landing your next big fish.


Most captains of charter boats have a lifetime of knowledge of their respective waters. They really do know every nook and cranny of the waters they take you out on and can lead you right to the best honey holes to make the best use of your trip. Become a student with a 1-on-1 charter expedition or let the maestro teach a class of you and your buddies out on the water.

Hook ‘Em

No one is a stranger to the drive back home filled with the frustration of not having caught a fish all day. However, the captain of a charter boat realizes that his reputation and business is on the line if his customers don’t catch anything. So you can bet he will bring his A-game to wow you and anyone you tell about your experience.

Take a Buddy

A charter fishing trip is already an awesome experience alone, but if you are trying to introduce someone who doesn’t really understand the allure of fishing, this is your shot. You won’t have to worry about disappointing them with a dud of a trip. Instead, you’ll thrill your new fishing buddy with an exhilarating trip. Contact our fishing guides at Spencer's Angling Adventures in Lake St. Clair for more information.


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