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When you look at trying to cast for Lake St. Clair muskies you see a daunting task in a lake that is 274,000 acres with almost no structure. However Capt. Spencer Berman was the first professional angler to begin to unlock amazing Lake St. Clair Musky casting opportunities. Over the years Capt. Spencer Berman has perfectly fine tuned the Lake St. Clair musky casting bite to make sure his clients always have the best opportunity to catch a giant casting musky. Contact Spencer's Angling Adventures in Harrison Township for more information.

Lake St. Clair Musky Casting Charter

Boat Ramps

Your Lake St. Clair musky casting trip begins at one of the several boat ramps along the Michigan side of Lake St. Clair. The meeting location is always determined based on the most resent Lake St. Clair musky movement to make sure that your casting charter will be successful. The accommodations for your trip are centrally located and none of the ramps we use are more then 20 minutes away from the hotel.

When casting

The vast waters of Lake St. Clair Capt. Spencer Berman is always using his electronics to determine where the muskies are located. Once you get onto areas which have abundant baitfish and muskies the casting fun begins. Our charters have more then a 4.5 musky a day average with our record Lake St. Clair musky casting charter landing an amazing 22 muskies in one day! In addition to great numbers of fish Capt. Spencer Berman’s boat also sees huge numbers of 50 plus inch fish hitting the deck. On a normal year his boat will see more then fifty 50+ inchers being caught during his casting charters.


If you are thinking of scheduling a Musky Casting trip with Spencer's Angling Adventures on Lake St. Clair the first thing you need to determine is your time frame. On Lake St. Clair the musky season opens on the first Saturday in June and closes December 31 or normally when the lakes freeze over, usually around mid December. Although the Lake St. Clair casting bite is always very good there are a couple key factors you should consider when planning your Lake St. Clair musky casting charter. If you are looking for nice weather and consistent action with a lot of 50 plus inch Lake St. Clair muskies then the warmer summer months are for you. During the warm water period the muskies metabolic rates are extremely high causing them to feed often. This makes the fish very susceptible to our musky casting presentations. Even if you encounter tough weather conditions on your Lake St. Clair Musky charter during this time of year you will usually still see multiple muskies hitting the net and skunks are Extremely uncommon. On the other hand, if you hit favorable weather you should expect several muskies in the boat with 4-7 fish days being average and 10+ musky days being very possible. Also this time of year is when we see the majority of our 50 plus inch fish hitting the net with tons of big fish getting caught casting every summer.

If, however

You are looking to get one of those giant fall fatties during your Lake St. Clair casting charter then you need to be here during the cold water period. As the water temperature on Lake St. Clair drops the muskies metabolic rate falls slightly making it easy for the fish to take in way more calories in a day then they expend. This allows the muskies to really pack on the pounds. Although the muskies eat slightly less, our numbers in the fall stay rather high with catch rates still over 4 per day. However, due to the fall weather, the consistency of the bite is slightly lower. Having said that our highest numbers day and always our heaviest fish for the St. Clair season comes in the last two months of the year. Consider it your typical high risk high reward principle.

For the lures selection

On your Lake St. Clair musky casting charter you are going to see a wide variety of rubber swimbaits. Our two primary sponsors are Musky Innovations and Chaos Tackle. Although we use a variety of products our bread and butter are bulldawgs, medusas, swimming dawgs, posideons and big joes. In addition to casting rubber we also throw some bucktails when the conditions are right.

When you book

A Lake St. Clair musky casting trip with Capt. Spencer Berman of Spencer's Angling Adventures you know you will be out fishing with the best. No matter where on the lake these big Lake St. Clair muskies are and no matter what baits they are eating you will be on them! Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to book your Lake St. Clair musky casting charter today!


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