Why Hire a Charter Captain on Lake St. Clair?

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One for the most common questions I get asked as a Charter Captain is why should I book a charter. Often people think that if they own a boat or know someone who does they will be just as well off. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. By hiring a knowledgeable Charter Captain in Lake St. Clair you are stacking the deck in your favor for a great day of fishing and ensuring that many different factors are going to be on your side.

Advantages of Charter Fishing in Lake St. Clair

First, a good Charter Captain is going to be on the water nearly every day. By spending this much time on the water that captain is going to constantly be working to follow the fish and locate areas where active fish are biting. On a body of water like Lake St. Clair this means moving with the schools of baitfish and predator fish as the water and weather conditions relocate them. Occasionally, locating a school of fish that was active yesterday takes a good Charter Captain some time, however it pales in comparison to the amount of time it takes one who hasn’t been on the water in a week or more. Since Lake St. Clair is a large nearly structure less lake it can be doubly important to have an up to date idea of where the fish were previously located so you will know where to start your search.  Additionally by following fish on a daily basis a good Charter Captain is going to be constantly refining his skills and becoming more knowledgeable about both Lake St. Clair as well as the fish he is targeting. Just like anything else, repetition is always the best way to master a skill and 220+ plus days on the water 10-14 hours a day is always the best way for a Charter Captain to achieve that elite status.

Another benefit in hiring a Charter Captain is your own safety. By spending as much time on the water as they do you know they will be extremely knowledgeable about the weather that causes issues as well as what their boat can handle. Additionally a good captain is also going to have several weather apps as well as the ability to talk with people on land to stay up to date when inclement weather kicks up unexpectedly. This ensures that your safety is never in question even when fishing bigger bodies of water such as Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River which are notorious for kicking up weather very quickly due to the large and shallow nature of the water.

When you hire a Charter Captain you also guarantee that you will be using the best equipment on the market. By having top of the line rods and reels you will be able to fish far more effectively with less fatigue which ultimately results is more fish catches. Additionally the lures you will be using with your Captain will be top of the line with plenty of backups in case a certain one gets hot which is no small thing when you consider that most musky lures are $20-$35 each with some even costing over $100.

Another huge advantage a good Charter Captain has is a good network. By talking with several other guides out on the water at the same time he is able to dial in the fish movements exponentially quicker and make sure you are on fish. This is especially important when dealing with a giant body of water such as Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River.

A good Charter Captain is also one that enjoys educating his clients as to the reasoning behind the fishing they are doing. This shortens your learning curve and makes you a better angler.

The last major consideration when thinking of hiring a Charter Captain is the overall ease of the trip. A Charter Captain provides you with the boat, all the necessary gear and the knowledge you need to have a great trip. You just show up and fish!

When you’re debating hiring a Charter Captain on Lake St. Clair or any other body of water, please keep all these factors in mind. When you hire a great guide you definitely make the most out of your time on the water.

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