Launch Points


Blossom Health Blvd Ramp

24770 Jefferson Ave
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081

Additional info:

This address is to the driveway for Miller Marina which is also called Blossom Heath Blvd. There will be a big red sign as you turn in off Jefferson Road. While on Blossom Heath you will see a park on your left then a big white/cream building. At the end of the building, turn left. There will be a fence on your right and the ramp parking lot will be right in front of you. Please DO NOT walk down to the ramp. Out of courtesy to other boaters we always load up in the parking lot before we take up a ramp slip.


Sindbad's Marina

100 St. Clair Street
Detroix, MI 48214

Additional info:
Take 94 down to exit 220 B, Conner Rd. Take Connor east for a few miles to Jefferson Ave, take a right. From there go down about a mile. Then take a left on Marquette Drive. You will see a big yellow sign for Sindbads Marina. Marquette Drive is just after an empty grass lot and located at a stop light. Just before you get to Marquette you will pass the Metro Lodge Motel on your right (don't even think of trying to stay there). After you turn on Marquette take that down till you see Freud St. It only comes in from your left. Turn left on Freud. Take that a few hundred feet till it dead ends into a white fence. Sindbads is on your right. Even with the building on the left side you will see a yellow gate; pull through there and park in the lot. If you are pulling in during business hours tell the valet that you are here fishing and they will direct you. My boat is at dock still number 30 although often times I pull around to the seawall around the parking lot.


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