Lake St. Clair and Detroit River Musky Trolling Charter Rates

Fishing Guide Lake St. Clair MI

31 ft Tiara Trolling Boat Rates
$795 for 6 hour charter
$895 for 8 hour charter
$1295 for an Extreme 12 hour charter
$1495 for an Ultimate trolling charter (See description below)

All of these trips the rate is for up to 5 clients NOT per person

PEAK TIMES: June to October

Lake St. Clair is without a doubt the premier musky trolling lake in the world. Due to its large and structure less layout it is perfectly set up for large scale trolling operations. On these trips we utilize larger boats specifically set up for musky trolling charters on Lake St. Clair. These boats can run as many as 14 lines at a time to put these giant Lake St. Clair muskies in the boat. We have three 31 foot Tiara trolling boats equipped to run these trips. They can all handle up to 5 clients with a 6th being an option if needed. During all of these trips the boats are set up with a Captain and a First Mate to run all the rods and help put those Giant Lake St. Clair Muskies in the boat for our clients.

Due to the number of lines and the ground these boats cover the average number of fish each trip is amazing by any musky standard. On all day trips last year we averaged 12 Lake St. Clair muskies in the boat with 1 over 50 inches in the boat per trip!

Ultimate Trolling Charters

Over the last couple of seasons, we have gotten a ton of requests for big boat trolling trips with two captains onboard as co-Captains. On these trips Capt. Spencer Berman is included on the trip as one of the co-Captains. In the past we had only done them upon special request and they have been a huge success. Now we have decided to offer our clients these trips. They would take place on a 31 ft. trolling boat and would be an all day trip, normally 12 hours on the water.

Last season on these trips we averaged 15 muskies a day with an incredible average of 1.5 fish over 50 inches in the boat per trip! Due to the high demand of our regular trips only certain days will be set aside for these trips. Please get in touch with me quickly to reserve your chance at the ultimate musky trolling experience.


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