Prime Time Frames



Fishing Guide Lake St. Clair MI TestiomialsTime Frame
Mid-March till Early June


Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Guide Lake St. Clair MI TestiomialsTime Frame
Last Saturday in April till the first week in June


Fishing Guide Lake St. Clair MI TestiomialsTime Frame
First Saturday in June till December 15th

Currently we are offering trips for Musky, Bass and Walleye, however there are seasons for all three. Here at Spencer’s Angling Adventures we start in the middle of March fishing for walleye on the famed Detroit River Walleye run. This world famous run lasts for about three month, normally wrapping up in mid June. The last Saturday in April, smallmouth bass season opens on the Michigan side of Lake St. Clair at which time we begin to offer smallmouth bass trips as well as walleye. Additionally from the last Saturday in April to early June we offer walleye and bass combo trips where we start out fishing for walleye on the river first thing in the morning. After getting a limit of walleye (5 per person) we then switch over to targeting smallmouth for the rest of the day. There is no additional charge for these days. The first Saturday in June, Musky season opens. Since we are musky nuts, from that point on all other fish become simply bait and muskies become the only fish we target until the close of the season on December 15th.


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